I often think about what matters in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching that focuses on psychological health. At the heart of it is the importance of psychological flexibility - how we adapt to the demands of our lives, the relationships that matter, the importance of shifting perspective, and how well we regulate our emotions to balance competing expectations. This is my focus - helping you increase your psychological flexibility and regulate your emotions to strengthen your psychological health.


Psychological flexibility means being aware of thoughts and feelings - exploring underlying emotions and working on acceptance even when we may not like how we feel. Psychological flexibility also reinforces persisting with, or changing behaviour to strengthen what matters to us. Knowing what’s important (values clarification) and committing to taking action are the key.

If you are suffering from stress, workplace bullying, feeling depressed or anxious, or having difficulty managing your anger, and you can see the impact on your loved ones, friends, work colleagues, increasing your psychological flexibility will help.

The clinical, counselling and coaching approaches that I utilise strongly focus on emotional resilience using evidence-based therapies: Emotion Focused Therapy, Emotional Regulation, Rational Emotive Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Gottman Relationship Counselling, Solution Focused Coaching, Coaching with Compassion and Motivational Interviewing.