How many 'musts' are there?


Have you ever stopped to listen to how much of what is said includes the word 'should'. I should do that, I should have done that, I have-to ....


How many 'musts' are there in our lives? What's an alternative way of being in the world, in our life, in our relationships?


I like the idea of being willing ... I'm willing to do that. I was willing to do that. It means that I've made a choice.

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Get out of your mind and into your life

It's helpful to make a clear distinction between our:


internal world, our thoughts, feelings, sensations - and the


real world, our actions, the actions of others, and what goes on in the world.


Ruminating (going over and over the past as if some great insight will emerge which only leads to depression), or worrying (predicting the bad things that will go wrong in the future which only leads to anxiety), certainly keeps us occupied in our minds.


However, it stops us from being in the real world.


Try acting 'as if' what matters to you, actually matters.


As the book title says - get out of your mind and into your life.


Getting through very difficult times can be really tough - workplace bullying, chronic pain, trauma, grief and loss. 

If difficult emotions surface - make room for them. Avoiding them isn't the answer.

It's useful to know what you're thinking. Buying into unhelpful thoughts increases distress.